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Welcome to Revive Health and Wellness.

A place to get answers about your health. And to find hope and healing. 


Minor Illness Care

Telehealth visits are completed on the phone or by video with a live, board-certified nurse practitioner. No preprogrammed algorithms that can miss subtleties in your history are used to diagnose you. You'll get an individualized treatment plan, and if needed, prescriptions sent to your favorite pharmacy. This is a safe, easy, and affordable option to treat your minor illnesses!

Integrative and Functional Health Care

Integrative and functional health care seeks to identify and address root causes of illness by using a “whole systems” approach. During this process, you will be allowed to tell your story, and together we will create a personalized, holistic plan using primarily natural solutions to help your body heal, so you can reclaim your health.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

People often come to health coaches thinking they, or their behavior, need to be fixed. This implies that you are broken or flawed. That’s simply not true. A better perspective, one with self-compassion, would say that some of your choices need to improve. Coaches not only get you thinking in new ways, but partner with you as you make different choices. And by making healthier choices you can feel better and ultimately get closer to the health and wellness you desire. What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to take control of your health!


"Denise’s style of coaching is approachable, welcoming, understanding, supportive, and helpful.  Denise gives concrete feedback providing useful means to move forward with options. This provides the opportunity to not only bring about  an understanding of one’s situation at the current time but also a chosen path to bring forth change where it’s needed most."

-Beth T., Alexandria, MN

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