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My background

As a certified nurse practitioner for almost 20 years, I’ve prescribed medications to treat or control acute and chronic conditions many times. That’s what I was taught to do in school. That’s what my colleagues do. I hadn’t thought much about it until I started having health issues of my own and my provider handed me a prescription. I didn’t want to take it. I knew there were potential side effects. I didn’t just want to be labeled with a diagnosis and sent on my way. And besides, I wanted to know why I was having symptoms. What caused the disorder in the first place?

Around the same time, I was helping a family member navigate the health care system (like I often do). After a few visits, I realized we really were not a part of the decision-making process. She was given a diagnosis, handed a prescription, and was instructed to return if things got worse. That was it. We weren’t given any tools regarding nutrition or exercise to try to improve the condition or prevent complications. There was no conversation around how she could take charge of her health and wellness. She felt helpless. I felt determined to find real help.

During my search for answers for the both of us, I saw there were many alternatives to treat conditions other than just prescriptions. Don’t get me wrong, I believe medication has its place, but it’s not always the only option. In many cases, it shouldn’t be the first option. I was already familiar with healthy eating, exercise, and supplements, but my knowledge was limited. As I used different approaches to treat our conditions, I began to see natural remedies in a new light.

By making conscious and consistent changes in our habits, using alternative treatments as appropriate, and taking prescriptions only if truly needed, we have better control of our health and have greatly improved our quality of life. Since then, I have been on a mission to help more people feel empowered and live their best, most vibrant lives.

Denise Hiller, APRN CNP

Degrees and Credentials

  • Master of Science in Nursing – Adult Nurse Practitioner, May 2002 from Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

  • Diploma in Nursing, May 1995 from the MCMC School of Nursing, Milwaukee, WI

  • Medical Assistant Diploma, May 1988 from Waukesha County Technical College, Pewaukee, WI

  • Licensed by the MN Board of Nursing and Certified by ANCC; 2002 – present


  • Nurse Practitioner:

    • Triaged acute respiratory symptoms via phone for 15 months.  

    • Diagnosed and treated acute medical conditions via phone in a call center for 3 years. 

    • Treated hepatitis C and cirrhosis for 3 ½ years. 

    • Primary care provider for those living in a state domiciliary (board & care) for 5 years and in Minnesota’s largest psychiatric hospital for 1 year.

  • Registered Nurse:

    • Staff and charge nurse in the emergency department for 6 years. 

    • Cardiac telemetry unit for 1 year.

  • Medical Assistant:

    • Family practice clinic for 7 years.


Continuing Education

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certificate of Training, December 2020 through Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy.

  • Whole Health Coaching Program, September 2019 through the Veterans Health Administration.

  • Digestive Health Professional Diploma, April 2018 from the Food Enzyme Institute.

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