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Minor Illness Care

As a Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner, I treat people age 16-64 who reside in the state of Minnesota. I do not treat anyone who is on Medicare or Medicaid.

I provide episodic care on a limited number of conditions. I am not a primary care provider. Because I am not a primary care provider, I do not complete disability or workers’ compensation forms.

I provide treatment for the conditions listed below. Visits are completed on the phone or by video using a HIPPA compliant platform. Prescriptions will be called to the pharmacy of your choice. 

I do not prescribe or refill medications for erectile dysfunction, insomnia, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, or narcotics (including Codeine).

Services are out-of-pocket expenses due in full at the time of scheduling online appointments. Payments will be made using Square. Cost for diagnosis and treatment is $65. Follow-up calls for the same condition within 1 month are $30. If I determine during the call that I can’t treat you, I will refund your money. If you have insurance and would like to submit your bill for reimbursement, I will be happy provide you with a superbill containing all the information you need. Cost for a consult only is $50 and cannot be sent to insurance.

Minor Illnesses:

  • Skin conditions

    • Fungal Infections (Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, Ringworm)

    • Eczema

    • Rosacea

    • Yeast Infections (Oral, Abdominal, or Groin)

    • Cold Sores or Canker Sores

    • Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac

    • Shingles


  • Head/Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat

    • Seasonal Allergies

    • Pink Eye

    • Stye

    • Common Cold

    • Sinus Congestion/Infection

    • Strep Throat (Only if have a + close contact and are symptomatic)

    • Flu-like Symptoms


  • Lungs

    • Cough

    • Bronchitis


  • Miscellaneous

    • Constipation

    • HIV testing

    • Gonorrhea or Chlamydia (Men only)

    • UTI (Only non-pregnant women)

    • Recurrent Genital Herpes Flare-up

    • Recurrent Gout Flare-up

    • Tick Bite Evaluation for Lyme Disease

    • Smoking Cessation (Nicotine replacement only) 

    • One-time Medication Renewal (exceptions listed above)



  • You have questions or concerns about symptoms you’re having

  • You’re worried or confused because of what you read on “Dr. Google” about your symptoms

  • You want to know if your symptoms are serious enough to see a provider or if you can treat them on your own

  • You wonder what kinds of tests will be needed if you seek treatment

  • You don’t know what kind of provider you should see

  • You have questions about your health but have no one to ask

  • I will not accept questions if you are pregnant or receiving cancer treatment.

I will most likely not treat the condition, but I will give you a diagnosis or potential diagnoses. I will give you my opinion if you can try watchful waiting, self-treatment, or if you need to seek care. If necessary, I will recommend what type of care is needed (office visit, urgent care, specialty care etc.) and information on what evaluation and treatment may look like. We will discuss what could happen if you choose not to get treatment when recommended.  

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